Quality of life in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of hypopharynx after radiotherapy in a tertiary care centre

  • Dr. Nagavara Kalegowda Balaji Assistant Professor, Department of ENT, Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences, Mandya, Karnataka, India
  • Dr. Ravi D. Associate Professor, Department of ENT, Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences, Mandya, Karnataka, India
  • Dr. M.H. Prasad Professor, Department of ENT, Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences, Mandya, Karnataka, India
Keywords: EORTC, Quality of Life, Hypopharyngeal SCC


EORTC is a well-accepted and peer reviewed tool of assessment. EORTC QLQ 30 measures the general clinical features of any cancer and specific EORTC.

Objectives- To determine the quality of life in patients who have undergone Radiotherapy following various modalities of treatment for different subsites of Hypopharyngeal Squamous cell carcinoma.

Methods- Two Hundred and two patients seen in ENT, Head and Neck surgery department after postoperative Radiotherapy for Hypopharyngeal Squamous Cell cancers were served with both EORTC quality of life questionnaire 30 and specific Head and Neck 35. Patients above the age of 20 years, 6 weeks after Radiotherapy with Pyriform Fossa, Posterior Pharyngeal wall and Post cricoid region squamous cell carcinoma were assessed. The study aimed at determining the quality of life and associated comorbidities.

Analysis- Data was entered into Microsoft Excel (Windows 7; Version 2007) and analyses were done using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) for Windows software (version 22.0; SPSS Inc, Chicago). Descriptive statistics such as mean and standard deviation (SD)for continuous variables, frequencies and percentages were calculated for categorical Variables were determined. Association between Variables was analyzed by using Chi-Square test for categorical variables.

Results- Dyspnoea and Odynophagia were the most important symptoms which crippled the patients irrespective of the subsite in which cancer presented (PFS 3.35, PPW 3.35, PCR 3.31 ;<0.001) Psychological ,Cognitive, Social functions though were affected there was not much difference amongst the individual subsites (PFS 3.66, PPW 3.18, PCR 3.01; 0.001). Almost all the patients had significant financial problems (PFS 3.36, PPW 2.91, PCR 3.59;0.001).

Conclusion- Quality of life questionnaires provide an insight into the life of patients who suffer from morbidity of the disease as well as its treatment. Thorough assessment of the condition of the patient in the post treatment status helps in timely rehabilitation.


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DOI: 10.17511/jooo.2019.i04.04
Published: 2019-08-31
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