The Knowledge about eye bank and willingness for eye donation among medical doctors in a medical college –“time to educate regularly”

  • shashikala Puttaswamy ESIC MC & PGIMSR
  • Rupakala ESIC MC & PGIMSR, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Shruthi Das shetty ESIC MC & PGIMSR, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Awareness, Eye donation, Medical professionals.


Background: Corneal blindness, a significant problem; donated corneas being the only source does explain the requirement for eye donation and its awareness. If doctors approach and counsel the family members then, the possibility of eye donation is increased or else many potential corneal donors may be lost.

Aim: To assess the knowledge and attitude of doctors regarding eye donation.


Methods: A cross sectional study on doctors using questionnaire and pledge form to collect information on demographic details, awareness on eye donation and eye banks, willingness, intention and hesitation to promote eye donation. Response evaluated in terms of their knowledge and attitude towards eye donation.


Results: Total of 144 doctors participated in the study, only 108 completed answering; response rate is hence, 75 %. Age ranged from 26-59 years, with 53.7 % males and 46.3 % females. Post graduates of various fields were 35.2% and 64.8% were medical graduates; 76.9% were aware of the existence of an eye bank and 71.3% knew its name in the Institute. Cent percent knew about eye donation done after death but, only 81.5% knew the ideal time for eye donation. Though, 91.7% stated cornea, only 4% said sclera too graft able. Pledging done by 65.1%  with nobility as inspiration while for not pledging, 32.4% due to lack of complete awareness, 13.6% believed underutilization of donated eyes; 33.35%,  felt difficult to counsel, consumer forum worried 19.4% and 26.9% believed delay of funeral arrangements.


Conclusion: The awareness though good, there is imperative needs to emphasize regularly to evade myths concerning eye donation and in turn to promote eye donation


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